Morgan Alyse Stabile is a student, writer, and radio personality, based out of Western Massachusetts. At her core, Morgan is the writing equivalent to the Theodore Roosevelt quote “Talk softly and carry a big stick.” While in person she prefers to be the listener on paper her voice is strong and powerful. Although she has always loved writing, it hasn’t always loved her. Growing up extremely dyslexic there were many things she struggled with when writing, reading, and english in general. img_0978But she wasn’t going to let her disability stop her from pursuing her passion. Thus she enrolled at Westfield State University as a writing major, where she has excelled academically. She is currently reaching the end of her junior year, and has made dean’s list every semester since her start at that institution.

Due to her learn disability one of Morgan passions is an advocating for inclusive learning. She enjoying writing on that subjects other topic in the realms of social justice and equality. These topics include feminism, environmental conservation, inclusive media representation, and mental health awareness and destigmatization. Specificity Morgan enjoys writing both intellectually and creatively about her own struggles with an eating disorder and depression. Some of her writings on this topic have been featured on  Dear Hopea mental health awareness blog dedicated to creating a safe space for sufferers to share these experiences. More information about these publishing can be found on the clippings page.

She is familiar with writing forms for both printed and electronic media publishing. She has written movie, music, and book reviews, commercials, screenplays, stage plays, electronic news articles, blog post, critical literary analysis, and social commentaries. Morgan is currently working on a Blog titled: Dope Woman, a pro legalization blog dedicated to creating a space for all women in stoner-culture and the legal marijuana industry. She is also working on a poetry and prose collection about her experiences with her eating disorder, depression, and the recovery process, titled Monsters In the Mirror.

Outside of writing Morgan’s main passion is music. She has been writing songs since the age of 11 and has been playing the ukulele for five years. Folk, indie pop, classic rock, electronic, trap, classical, metal, pop punk, experimental, you name it she into it. She sees music as an inclusive means of artistic expression, and appreciates all of its forms. In her sophomore year of college she was giving the opportunity to have her own radio show at WSKB Westfield 89.5. She is the has had three shows on the station and has guested on more than six others. Currently she is the personality for Ship Wracked With Captain Morgan, a show that features music genres like indie surf punk, chill electronic, metal, and also features Local artist from the entire New England region. If you are interested in her show you can find more information in the Radio Portfolio Tap under Clippings.