Dream Team 2k17- Stevie Nicks and Lana Del Ray Collaboration

(Feature Photo: consequenceofsound.net)

Now I know this genre of music is very different from the stuff posted previously but this is big news for the music community. Both of these women hold major influence in the industry, and two of my absolute favorite artist. Well one more than the other. Stevie Nicks my idol. I love her more than anything. So when heard this mind-blowing news I had to share it with you.


(GIF: Reactiongifs.com)

Amy Phillips and Amanda Wicks of pitch forks, of pitchfork.com reported on what little we know this past Wednesday, April 26’s.  The article stated that Stevie Nicks is going to be appearing on Lana’s next album “Lust for life” alongside other high-profile collaborators, such as The Weekend. And the worst part is they still haven’t announced when we should expect this able to come out. Witch is a brilliant marketing technique. I don'(t know about you, but I am HYPED for this album, and now and going to be looking out for news related to it.

What makes this collaboration so exciting is the fact that I’m not quit sure how its going to work. While both of these artist have amazing voices and similar “witchy” aesthetic, their voices and music styles are very different.


(Photo: uofmusic.com)

Lana Del Ray’s voice, like Stevie’s, is full of soul and power, but the tone gives if more of haunting and spooky vibe. Her pure high notes mixed with squeaky inflections, and creepy bible alluding lyrics making her sound like some sort of Fallen Angle. Stevie voice is more nasally, and raspy, adding a folk rock flare to her music style.

Lana’s song style does have a noticeable Vintage influence to it which may work well when trying to being together these queens separated by decades. They only thing is Stevie is classic rock, and Lana’s included are very 60’s-70’s ballads. Now I’m not trying cast any doubt on the execution of this collaboration.

I’m going for quite the opposite.

New music from both these artist is long over due. Its been almost two years since the release of Lana’s last album Honeymoon in 2015, and three years since Stevie’s last single 24 Karat Gold, in 2014. WHEN this is pulled off,  mixing these two completely different styles, is in my option, gonna make it the collaboration of the year. The fact these two artist are separated by both years and styles adds to the excitement and anticipation of the whole thing.




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