Warped Recommendation 2017

As promised in my previous post, here are my recommendations for who you should try to see this warped tour season. Now as a Warped Vet. I know as well as away that the Line up changes depending on you city and date, all the bands I am recommending are on the full tour. 🙂

Bad Cop / Bad Cop:


Bad Cop/ Bad Cop is an all female, four piece Punk band from Southern California! Their debut full-length album, Not Sorry in 2015. The sound if full of vibrant pop-punk riffs, and sick finger snapping beats. Their three-part harmonies and the lead vocalists sweet tone that give them a feel good 1960’s vibe juxtaposes with attitude filled lyrics make you wanna scream them out with every song. Check them out on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. 

Fave Song: Anti Love Song

Members: Stacey Dee – Vocals/Guitar, Jennie Cotterill – Vocals/Guitar, Myra Gallarza – Drums, and Linh Le – Bass/Vocals.

Being As An Ocean:


Being As An Ocean is a Post hardcore band from Alpine, California with a melodic sound. Formed in 2011 they are currently signed to Equal Vision Records. They have released three albums their most recent Self Titled album, was released in the fall of 2015. Some of their earlier work has an almost law dispute spoken word vibe, but there most recent stuff features aggressive percussion outbursts, occasional down tempo breakdowns, and emotionally charged lyres have the who venue shaking and all their shows. Check them out on Twitter and Facebook.

Favorite Song: This Loneliness Won’t Be the Death of Me

Members: Joel Quartuccio – Lead Vocals, Tyler Ross – Lead Guitar, Ralph Sica – Bass, Michael McGough – Rhythm Guitar/Vocals, and Jesse Shelley – Drums.



Counterparts is a  Metalcore/Melodic Hardcore band from Hamilton, Ontario Canada (aye). They were formed in 2007 and have released four albums. The most recent album, Tragedy Will Find Us, was released in the summer of 2015 after the bands announcement of their deal with Pure Noise Records, and New Damage Records.  There sounds feature Heavy Riffs, Bone snapping Breakdowns, and the occasional down tempo head banger. Check them out on Facebook and Twitter.  

Favorite Song: Ghost

Members: Brendan “B” Murphy – Lead Vocals, Adrian Lee – Guitar, Blake Hardman – Guitar/Backing Vocals, and Kyle Brownlee – Drums/Percussion

Silent Planet:


Silent Planet is metalcore band from Azusa, California. According to their Wiki page their name comes from the C.S. Lewis science fiction novel Out of the Silent Planet. The band is currently signed to Solid State Records, they have released two EP’s and Two full-length albums. There most Recent album, Everything Was Sound, came out in the summer of 2016 before the band first Warped appearance. Their music features swing tempos and heavy base riff (how many times am I gonna say heavy in the article? A LOT), over an almost ambient background. Check them out on Twitter and Facebook.

Favorite Song: Psychescape

Members: Garrett Russell – Unclean Vocals, Spencer Keene – Guitar (doesnt alway does tour ), Thomas Freckleton – Bass Guitar/Keyboards/Clean Vocals,  Mitchell Stark – Guitar, and Alex Camarena – Drums.

Trophy Eyes:


Trophy Eyes Australian punk rock band from Newcastle, who made there first warped appearance in the summer for 2015. Since their creation in 2013 they have come out with two full length albums. Their most resent Album Chemical Miracle Was released in 2016 trough Hopeless Records. Trophy Eyes mixes up their classic pop-punk-angsty lyrical sound with varying tempos, Clean and Unclean vocals, almost crossing over to Hardcore territory in some songs. Check them out on Twitter and Facebook.

Favorite Song: Counting Sheep

Members: John Floreani – Lead Vocals, Jeremy Winchester – Bass Guitar/Backing Vocals,  Andrew Hallett – Lead Guitar, Kevin Cross – Rhythm Guitar, and Callum Cramp – Drums.

 War On Women:


War on Woman is co-ed feminist hardcore-punk band from in Baltimore, Maryland. formed in 2011, these guys have been turning out politically charged Jams for six years now. The Driving Riffs and aggressive beats hit their listeners with songs that are both catchy and confrontational.  Touching on topics like rape culture, street harassment, the gender wage gap, and trans phobia. According to their Facebook Page their goal for warped tour is to teach bystander intervention and anti-sexism/racism/ableism/cis-sexism skills to attendees all over the country! If you want to donate to their cause check out their GoFundme.

Favorite Song: Pro-Life?

Members: Shawna Potter- Vocalist, Brooks Harlan-Guitarist, Nancy Hornburg- Guitarist, Rusty Haynie-Bassist, and Evan Tanner- Drummer. 

That’s all folks ! If you check out any of these bands, or if you think there are some bands that I should have included comment bellow. I want to know what you think! And lastly no matter what date, or who you see, Happy Warping.


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