Viceland’s Global Expansion and Possible effects on Activism.

International corresponded, Nick Vivarelli, posted an interesting article to last week detailing Viceland’s Launch in Africa.

Shows, including “Huang’s World,”” Noisey,” “States of Undress” and “Black Market,” will be available to audiences across sub-Saharan Africa on pay TV as well as mobile devices like Android and IOS. According to a statement given by Viceland International President James Rosenstock, Africa is only the start to the channels international expansion planed for this year.

While I believe the main goal of this expansion is to increase the channel’s global audience, Vice media my be inadvertently promoting activism and connecting a generation globally. Many of Viceland shows provide education and even call for activism on controversial subjects.

Weather it be investigating busts of legal growers on “Weediquette,” or just showing Action Bronson casual smoking a joint on “F*ck thats Delicious”, these shows promote legalization. Weather it be tracking down questioning presidential candidate Ted Cruz about gay rights on “Gaycation,” or exploring a day in the life of a trans new yorker on “Balls deep,” Vice is education there viewers on the issues of both Gay rights and Weed prohibition.

Between the legalization of gay marriage and the unprecedented turn out for the woman’s march; its clear to me that activism in this country is at an all time high. Though I’m not giving Viceland full credit for this surge of support, it is my belief that the increased media representation helped. What effect could this global expansion have on these movements internationally? Could we see an increase in global activism? and since the channel’s target audience is millennials Viceland’s subject matter could be connecting the generation globally through activism!

Whatever happens, this expansion is a great step for increasing Vice media’s global recognition, and I hope to see more alternative media reaching international heights in this coming year.


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